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Waddle™ Summer 17 is Ohh so Sweet!

Waddle Summer 17 has arrived with an ohhh so sweet collection of whimsical, stylish, new baby sock designs.

For baby girl’s sweet strawberry, watermelon, pineapple, and rose rattle socks make a big punch of delectable goodness. Bright fun colors, exquisite details make these items a must have for Summer 17.

Donuts and unicorns round off the girl collection with savory, magical goodness. After all, who said unicorns aren’t real!

For baby boys one might use descriptive words such as rad, stylish, cool, and hip for Waddle Summer 17! Overloaded with awesomeness this collection packs a punch with rad basketball, golf, skateboard, nautical, and train rattle sock designs.

Waddle and Friends baby socks make the perfect gift for a baby shower or gift. Whether you’re looking for a whimsical bright fun design or something sweet, cute, and adorable there is something for everyone.

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