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2016 HOT 103.5 SOCK DRIVE

Today we are giving back to the community of Sacramento, partnering with HOT 103.5 radio station for the 2016 sock drive! We donated over 900 pairs of socks today that will be distributed to homeless shelters around Sacramento for those in need of warm socks and protection for their feet this winter.

Sugabear's sock giving drive will be in the parking lot all week 11/5-11/9 on El Camino and Watt from 6A-7P!! Donate 10-20 pairs of socks and get an exclusive pair of custom Sugarer socks. 




Thank you to @waddleandfriends for their HUGE donation of 900 pairs of socks!! • #socksgiving drive 2016

A video posted by Hot 103.5 (KHHM Sacramento) (@hot_1035) on




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